Baby Gear Rentals

Sitters Aruba wants to help make family travel easier and more practical. When needed we offer rental of a box of toys for entertainment, safety items such as bed rail, infant portable high chair or pack & play, portable baby swing as well as diapers, wipes,  microwave sterilizer and nursing pillow.  This would surely take up your limited luggage space and you haven’t even packed for yourself!
Now you can rent it from us and have it delivered and picked up for you at hotel or accommodation.

Daily  price Weekly price
high chair.JPG Portable high chair $5 $25
image Pack N Play $8 $40
image Box of Toys $3 $15
stroller Stroller $10 $50
potty-seat-ring Potty Seat Ring $2 $10
booster-seat Booster Seat $4 $20
training-toilet Training Toilet $3 $15
nursing-pillow Nursing Pillow $3 $18
pampers Diapers upon request  


Delivery & pick up fee is $10 total

15 thoughts on “Baby Gear Rentals”

    1. Hi Vanessa, good day, yes, we rent cribs amongst other items, The daily rate is $10, weekly $50 and 1 time delivery and pick up fee of $10. Let us know how we can be of service to you.


  1. We are looking to rent a crib. Not a pack and play. Do you rent out cribs? We will be at the surf club Saturday Jan 5 through Dayutday January 12. Do you do set up and delivery and pick up?


  2. Do you have cots or air mattresses?
    Our two 3year old granddaughters arrive Friday, 1/11 and they are too old for cribs.
    We are staying at an apartment near palm beach and the landlord does not have cots.


      1. can you please tell me how I go about reserving that? Do you clean and sanitize after each use? We will be checking into Marriott surf club 1/25 check in time is around 4. checking out 2/1. Do you drop off and pick up?


      2. Yes. We do cleaning and sanitizing after each use.
        A credit card information is needed to confirm the booking. And delivery and pick up fee is 1x $10. The daily rate of the double stroller is $14 daily / weekly $70.


      3. how do i give you credit card info safely i want to reserve, if you can call my number is 610-334-2697 or I can call you via skype whatever is best and safest. If you want to give me a phone no I will call


  3. Rachel we are ready to leave now if you can meet me in lobby now it is 9:20 can you let me know ASAP or can I leave with front desk

    Sent from my iPhone



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